WHAT IS Analytics Accelerator?

Does this sound familiar?

You spend days creating the perfect product, nailed down your lead magnet, and poured your heart out in each of your emails.

The subscribers begin trickling in and the anticipation builds!

Then you notice something disappointing… a steady decline in your email open rates and CTR.

In Analytics Accelerator we will work 1:1 together to break down your email marketing strategies and boost your conversion rate in just 30 days!

The Analytics Accelerator Process

Funnel Audit

I’ll dig deep into your funnel setup, examining the analytics in direct correspondence to your content. I’ll highlight any major issues I notice and send a complete audit report to you prior to our 1:1 call.

Coaching Call

During our 1:1 call we’ll walk through the details of your funnel audit, discuss your marketing goals, discuss what is currently working and not working in your existing funnel setup, and answer your funnel strategy questions.


Action Plan

You will receive a customized 21 day action plan. In this blueprint, you will learn how to improve your email open rates, coach the conversion, and get subscribers to cross the finish line. I’ll provide email support during this process.


I’ll examine your new and improved sales funnel and make any final suggestions. I’ll also conduct a final conversion audit once 100 leads have completed your funnel to see if further improvements should be made.

Conquer your email marketing strategy.

One Time Payment of $617!