If you’re active on social media or marketing, people are probably checking out your website. Do you know what they’re doing when they get there?

Most often, the first page that people click to after they land on your site is your About Page. Here are 5 steps to help you make the right connection when they get there.

1. Build Your Credibility:

Start your About Page with the strongest points to prove your value in the industry.

In order for people to hire you, they need to trust you. So lead with credibility. This doesn’t mean you have to talk about your MBA if your business is about producing spiritual transformation. The trust you build should be a strong showing of what makes you special in your specific line of work. What transformations have you been able to produce for others?

Ideas for building credibility on your About Page:

  • Show the logos of the clients you have worked for
  • Use a compelling quote from a testimonial
  • Share numbers that quantify your achievements
  • Name your accomplishments (a sought-after public speaker, a bestselling author, a real mom in business)

2. Make an Emotional Connection:

Your About Page can create emotional buy-in and help build your tribe. Share the things you believe in, mention the hurdles you know your people struggle with, and you will have readers nodding their heads in agreement — and signing up to hear more from you.

3. Tell Readers Why They Should Hire YOU (instead of anyone else):

Your about page is the place to write “why” people would hire you as opposed to someone else. Often called your Unique Value Proposition or Unique Selling Point, this is how you do business. Maybe you have a different approach, a special process, or just a lot of experience — this is the page to write it on.

Remember when you do this, keep it reader-focused by writing about how people will benefit from working with you.

4. Use the Right Keywords

Your About Page should be keyword-rich, with words that describe your skills and the types of services you offer. Not only does this help readers understand exactly what you do, it also helps you rank in search engine results (SEO) when people are looking for your services.

5. Lead to a Next Step

Always, always, always offer a “Next Step” to your readers. This can be as simple as asking them to sign up for your email list — but write about it in a way that fits in well with the story you’ve told on this particular page.

BONUS: Re-Purpose Your About Page Content:

I believe strongly in making the most of any content we produce online. So, spend time on your About Page — then repurpose that content! Pull that content over to your LinkedIn bio and your Facebook About Section. Re-purpose it to build Speaker’s Notes if you’re looking for speaking gigs. Use it as the basis for your elevator pitch, copy it on the back of your next bestselling book. This is a piece you’ll find a million uses for, so it’s worth spending the time to get it right.

If you haven’t given your about page much thought, I encourage you to do it! It’s valuable real-estate on your website — it can help build your tribe, attract the right clients and convert website visitors into customers.

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lindseyLindsay Carlson established Leap Onto the Web, a digital strategy agency, in 2009.
Lindsay studied in the Professional Writing program at the University of Victoria, and has worked in marketing, journalism, business development and public relations. Lindsay manages website projects, helps clients re-write their websites and teaches content strategy. Recent projects include supporting the Founder of ADHDKidsRock.com (a Non Profit Society) to build his own WordPress website, create an award-winning blog and generate over 24,000 followers.
Find her on Facebook at: Facebook.com/LeapOntotheWeb

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