Ok, so you’re not a designer, but you do want beautiful and professional photos representing your brand. You don’t have the budget for a graphic designer so it’s time to DIY. To celebrate the first week of October (my birth month… yay!), here 5 simple design tips for non-designers you can implement into your Canva designs this pumpkin season to create professional, beautiful imagery for your brand.

1. Less is More … Use 2 – 3 Fonts

A quick rule of thumb for beginner designers is to stick to just two to three fonts. Use a single font for the headline and another for the body text. Script fonts make beautiful accents that easily draw in the eye.

In this example, I used a Roboto Condensed for the headline and Lato, simple sans-serif font, for the body text.

2. Keep it Simple

Don’t feel the need to pack a million extras into your design. When you give your design room to breath, you give your audience the same opportunity. Instead of getting lost in a thousand irrelevant details, your message comes across clear and concise.

3. Add a Little Color

The keyword here is “little”. We talked about not using more than two to three fonts at a time, the same goes for color. Don’t add color for the sake of color. Each color should have its own unique assignment. In the example above, I used gold for the call to action and to show off a section of the body text I really wanted my audience to pay attention to.

4. Contrast is Key

Create contrast by adjusting the brightness of the background image or adding a white semi-transparent layer over the image. This will help make your text pop so your design is easy to read.

5. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The saying is true, using professional imagery can make or break your graphics. Invest in beautiful visuals to share your message with your audience. Don’t know where to start? Try snagging these beautiful free Fall images from Emily Moore Photo. Grab your free photos HERE.