It’s the little things that bring the greatest joy…

I am currently unavailable as we celebrate the arrival of the newest addition to our family, David Michael (expected to arrive August 31!) I plan on taking a one-month maternity leave and will be unavailable for the month of September. As we begin this new chapter in our lives, I want to make sure you are all in the best of hands, so I’ve partnered with Shea Bramer of Shift Digital Management to handle any and all of your web maintenance needs while I’m away. I am looking forward to connecting with you when I return! Thank you for your understanding and respect as we take some time away to enjoy some quality family time.

Fill out the form below to submit your service request. Please allow 2-3 business days for a response. Thanks!

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Please note that service requests made during this time do fall under the maintenance plan as outlined in your contract. You will be billed via Shift Digital Management for the month of September. Thanks!